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    I hope you are being sarcastic...

    I saw this and am certainly impressed, but not enough to give him the "freakish ability" tag. I don't care how well he can field an onside kick, bottom line is he is just average for a "1st rounder" when playing defense.
    No that's not the bottom line, that's just your uneducated opinion. I've heard NFL scouts call him the best player on the Georgia defense, better then Jarvis Jones (projected top 5 pick), They all rave about his athletic ability which helped him out produce Manti Teo (projected top 10 pick) in 4 fewer games

    Here's what Jarvis Jone's said about him:
    “We knew that was coming,” Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones said. “The dude (Ogletree) is a beast. He can play safety. He can play linebacker and run sideline to sideline. They’re just one of those players that’s just special. We know that they’re going to be everywhere on every play. That gives the front a little more time to rush and lets us do some things differently. Coach (Todd) Grantham likes to mix things up and Alec, he’s a freak of nature.”

    Todd Mcshay, who has him at 15 on his latest big board:
    Analysis: Ogletree, who forced and recovered a fumble in the Capital One Bowl, is a raw prospect in terms of instincts, but he is a freakish athlete who chases plays from sideline to sideline and shows good potential as a pass-rusher.

    Just for arguments sake, who do you consider worthy of our 1st round pick?
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