I took my wife to see Django last night. I'm still not sure what I think of it. One thing is for sure though; if there was any doubt I think it's clear now that Tarantino has an infatuation with the "N" word and violence. I actually think he wakes up in the morning and forces himself to say the "N" word 100 times just to make himself feel good inside.

I get that the setting of the movie is during slavery, but geez, the way he used the word and the amount of times used was just crazy. And the gory violence, particularly the slave fighting scence was very disturbing and not even accurate. There is no record of "slave/Mandingo fighting. Slave masters didn't let them fight to the death like that because of economics- one less slave not working meant less money in their pocket.

It didn't feel like a 2hr 45min. film at all. I think The dialogue in the film is very good and I think made the film move along well.

Tarantino is a very creative director, but this is one movie of his- this and Death Proof- that I didn't like.