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We need corners, LB's, and O-Line help. Safety will not be upgraded, I see a potential DE from the draft or FA as well. Shefter reported this morning that he's heard the Giants will be making drastic changes to the Defense this off season. Rotoworld reported if Webster and Diehl do not take MASSIVE paycuts this offseason, they will be cut.

We have a lot of players coming off our books this offseason, Phillips and Blackburn met with Reese on Monday and both sound as if they won't be coming back. Our defense is OLD and needs to speed up. One of the few bright spots this year was Will Hill. I disagree with Kruuunch's assesment on him. The kid is going to be a stud in this league and we locked him down for 3 years with a $1.44 million deal. Reese knows what he's doing, and I believe our D will look alot different next year. But safety is the last thing we need an upgrade on for D, even with a potential Phillips departure.
What is Rotoworld? and why should anyone care what they have to say?