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Thread: Kiwi/Blackburn/Boley

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    I want to see more competition with better talent to push each other. I still think J Williams, Herzlich & Paysinger could use a good push to help them along

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    Most only see the splash plays they domnt see him get dominated the other 40 snaps he is on the field

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    Quote Originally Posted by carter.525 View Post
    Id like to see Boley - Herz - Williams.. dont know who would be the SAM though
    Herz might be the worst MLB that I have ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCHOF View Post
    Herz might be the worst MLB that I have ever seen.
    next year will be his year..

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    they should keep rivers around for the right price he has speed along with jwill i think if they can stay healthy there both all purpose types

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiantFanatic55 View Post
    Easily the worst defensive unit this year. Will any of these LB's be starting next year?

    Kiwi - was invisible this year at LB and most likely moves back to DE with Osi leaving

    Blackburn - is a FA, and i don't he played consistency enough to warrant bringing him back. Plus, he sees himself as a starter now and i don't think he'll come back to be a backup and play special teams

    Boley - his play dropped off considerably this year and I think he may get cut, not because he played poorly, but because he lost playing time towards the end of the season to Paysinger and Herzlich

    Williams has good upside and I would like to see Rivers back, even though he is injury prone, and give him a chance to earn a starting spot

    - I always thought that Kiwi was wasted at LB. They should have just used him on the D-line and rotated him with JPP, Osi, and Tuck.
    - Blackburn is better than what they had which was Goff. I'd like to see him back, but as a 2nd stringer. The guy absolutely has value, and is a leader rah-rah type that's important to have.
    - If Paysinger and Herz are not starters and I don't think that they ever will be. If not Boley, then bring in a FA.
    - I like Williams a lot and am eager to see him play next year. Rivers? Please.

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    Herzlich sucks. Nice story, crappy LBer. Seriously I don't know how people think he's much good at all. Chase isn't going anywhere. He stinks in coverage?Not great, but had a clutch interception last year against GB at home that lit a spark for us, then another game changer in the Super Bowl. He is fiery, hits hard, plays balls to the wall which is MORE than most of these guys gave us this year. I would hire and fire attitude at this point on this team. I think he'll be back. Rivers should get another shot. Williams is still a work in progress. Paysinger I'm not sure about. I'd keep Boley if we need a cameraman or media guy smashed in the face with a ball. I agree with moving Kiwi to the line after Osi and/or Tuck go.

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    just saying, if i'm kiwi's agent, i'd be pretty pissed that they forced my client into taking almost all of his snaps in a lower paying position, and then shuffle him back to DE at a middle of the road LBers salary.

    just one of those things that, given how accomodating Kiwi has been with the giants, could be an interesting situation if he's finally fed up.

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    Blackburn is one of the better "performers" on an average unit. For what its worth he deserves another shot to compete....
    "Measure Twice......Cut Once"
    You couldn't be more full of **** if you were break dancing in a Port-a-Potty.......Kruunch

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    Quote Originally Posted by njg85m View Post
    Chase is routinely praised by our coaches as the most valuable defender on the entire team. And despite this giants message board mindset that he is terrible, he actually, in reality, is tremendously consistent, and performed very well this year.
    We had a terrible D this year. The fact that the coaches think Chase is the best on the team, makes me wonder about what they see. I can see Blackburn stay on ST and #2MLB. If he is our starter we will have another bad year against the run and shallow passing plays.

    Kiwi needs to stay at DE. Never should have moved IMO. Boley may stay as a #2 because of TC's loyalty.

    I like Williams and Rivers. We have to draft a starter at MLB or find a good one on the FA market.

    These are just my opinions guys. I don't hate any Giants.

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