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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcasman View Post
    Thank you for getting the facts before responding again. The sheer number of wrongheaded assumptions, dime store psychology BS and idiotic leaps to false conclusions - not to mention the borderline racebaiting without even a scintilla of actual data - in your previous posts were getting tiring to say the least.

    So can we safely assume that you've moved off of completely innocent bystander, right?

    Because completely innocent bystanders always get indicted, plead guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for testifying against their friends and have the blood of the victim found in their limo, don't they? Do I think he stabbed the guy? Of course not. But that's a far cry from innocent bystander.

    All that said, your closing sentence "He may also be a redeemed soul — and without a doubt he is one of the very few best defensive players in NFL history. Taken together, that is a more complete version of his legacy." is in my mundane opinion a very apt description of the man and his legacy.
    That depends. Are you done trying to tease this and basically trying to come as a guy trying to nitpick?

    No because not saying he's an innocent bystander means you're saying he's a murderer or an accomplice. If you're seriously trying to be "technical" about it by saying oh technically he wasn't an innocent bystander cause of the lesser charge then we're done here cause then you're just trying to nitpick the whole thing. You say he didn't do it but then bring up all this other stuff about it. I'm sorry if he wasn't an angel.

    I should also mention that the limo had 11 other passengers. Not to mention the limo driver was watching Lewis the whole time and never saw him even hit anyone let alone commit double murder. Gun shots were fired AT the limo. I'm not surprised the limo had blood. So if he did it then who the hell was shooting at him?

    If the guy isn't an innocent bystander then he's a guilty bystander. Yet you say he didn't do it. Coming off as a guy whose saying he didn't do it but then constantly teasing it as if he did do it is way more annoying then anything I said cause it comes as trying to flame something. We're not talking about whether or not he's an innocent bystander for something irelevant like a lesser charge. We're talking about whether he did or not. You know what's more annoying? Trying to figure out why a guy keeps bringing up "innocent bystander" then realizing he's not talking about the actual point of this and trying to change the subject from "did he do it?" to "is he an angel?"

    Was it really that hard to finally say "I don't think he did" instead of using this innocent bystander jargon?
    If you don't think he did it then why are you coming off as if he did? And race being mentioned is a big deal seeing as Lewis has been working in humanitarian groups and charity and yet people still talk about this. Point is if Drew Brees or tebow were in the same situation as Lewis there would by less hate and you know that.
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