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Huh? What does "pure pass rusher" mean to you? A guy who is ONLY good at rushing the QB? Or a guy who can do it all like JPP.

We need guys who can beat 1v1 matchups, its that simple. This year we had 1 guy (JPP) who was getting double teamed nonstop and that left everyone else in 1v1 matchups. The difference between this year and past years is Tuck and Osi did not win their 1v1 matchups. We need a guy who can do that. If we get really lucky we will find a guy who actually makes it a hard choice to Offensive coordinators deciding which player to double team.
I don't mean pass rush specialist but JPP doesn't get to the QB that quickly. That's all. Wouldn't you want to diversify the skill set along the line?