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I saw a poll on ESPN asking who was the greater linebacker. Lewis vs. LT. 52% said LT 48% said Ray Lewis. Yes, Lewis had a great career but do almost half of the people that follow football think that he was better than LT? That's crazy. LT was by far the best ever.
LT played a long time ago.....most of these people never saw him play

I really have not seen a lot of Ray Lewis but I'd compare Lewis to **** Butkus not LT who was incredibly fast and strong. Lewis is a poor man's **** Butkus. There is no LT comparable...........he was like Michael Jordan was to basketball.......absolutely peerless

And Lewis although he played Butkus style was no **** Butkus............I'd put Brad Van Pelt in front of Lewis. Lewis is/was top 10 of all time but not top 5