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NO that was not me and my family. that was a bandwagon fan with no loyalty. you can be pissed at romo but that aint loyalty..

lets all keep in mind, and this wasnt known to me till the next day, but apparently romo was playing with broken ribs he suffered early in first quarter. this makes sense to me as to why romo couldnt throw with his usual zip on the ball for the majority of the game. int #2 on the underthrow n loft can easily now be solved as to why that int happened......still NO excuse for #3.

and for those who will use the romo had broken ribs last yr and played excellent. well he had fractured rib, no broken ribs(plural). and while both are painful, broken ribs are more painful due to the stress of the breaks being able to break off more...
Unfortunately, I have had broken ribs and they are awful. Very painful. If Tony Romo did in fact play with broken ribs then he is a tough SOB.