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i dont care if we cut gilbride, keep gilbride, whatever. i just wanna see more variety out of the giants offense. what we saw in the final game with some downfield throws to our RBs and some good short and deep passes mixed in was beautiful. i saw soem great plays we didnt see all year, and less of the predictable crap gilbride always leans on.

also heavier doses of playmakers like wilson sure seemed to help. defenses always have to account for his speed.

and yes, we have to start running a no huddle. all the other teams with top notch QBs are running them and having success, and throughout the years the giants have had one of the best 2 minute offenses in the NFL in the no huddle, so they can definitely handle it.
I doubt we'll see those plays anytime soon like we did against philly. I think he did that because we had a big lead.