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Thread: It's time to turn Eli loose

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    WTF is this thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bashful View Post
    This offense needs a stick of dynamite. Eli needs to be in control just like his brother and not be held back by an unimaginative OC and a conservative HC. He has shown numerous times that when he is in control and has the ability to call the plays he can move this team. Instead he never gets into a rhythm unless the troll is out in front.
    He is a master of the game - he has the roots and the ability but is not given enough freedom. Mistakes will be made but the upside and win percentage will be vastly improved. No second half let down. He has forgotten more than KG knows and he as the ability to make adjustments something we have not seen.

    I don't believe he likes KG but is all about team and would never say a bad word. It is time to have more of an up tempo office and not one that plays not to lose.
    It will never happen with T.C.'s left hand man, Gilbrilliant on the sidelines. This is weird for a coach who believes in Eli but will not give him free reign.
    "There is winning and there is Misery"

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