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Well your blind trust in JR or anyone is novel, but a tad naive in my view.
Yes JR does his best but the reality is that we have a huge cap number this season due in part to our constant policy of restructuring huge contracts. An example is Eli's contract. We restructured his contract last season to reduce his cap number in 2012 to around $9MM. We did that to make room for guys like Bennett and other FA's, Well the consequence of that is his cap hit for the next 2 years is over $20MM.

Our GM is fallible just like anyone else. As I said, i don't know what their plan is this coming year. I'm sure the Webby cap hit last year and this coming year is a source of great regret. (Again..JR is fallible) I know they are doing what they believe they need to, but that doesn't make it right.
Its not unreasonable to question some of these moves and wonder aloud on the New York Giants MB whether or not some of these decisions will hurt our chances down the road.
I trust Reese more than I trust you (or the OP or anyone on these boards) in matters of the Giants personnel. In any case, the point of "trust" is moot since I (we) have no choice in the matter. Short of being able to override his decisions, you're kind of stuck with them.

The fact that you know very little (we all do) about how the situation will play out makes you Chicken Little staring at the sky and shivering like a little Mexican dog.

I tend to have more poise than that.