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    Granted we still made the playoffs and went on that run in 2007, The Vikings game was tough to watch. 3 pick sixes by Eli that night. Awful.

    And like said before the Titans game and the Niners in 2002

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    For me:

    Worst in order: 03 vs Niners. Flipper F***in Anderson. DeSean vs Dodge [I will NOT call it by it's nickname game.]. Ravens SB

    Best: SB 42. NFC Championship vs Vikings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodgers12 View Post
    I remember a game in the 90's where the Giants and Cowboys went to overtime. If I remember right it was New Years Day and I remember Summeral and Madden doing the game. I think Dallas won with a touchdown in overtime or a game winning field goal. I remember Emmit running wild. I think it was 1995.
    1993. Simms and LT's last year. Last game of the regular season, both teams were 11-4. Winner wins the NFC East, a bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs. It was a slugfest but Emmit Smith ran wild playing with a separated shoulder.

    Dallas won the game 16-13 and I do think it was a last minute field goal, which gave them the division, a bye week, and home field advantage. The Giants got in as a wildcard and after beating Minnesota (I remember Jim McMahon needed smelling salts in that game) they got destroyed on the road against SF 44-3, last game in the careers of Simms and LT.

    I always thought that '93 team could have gone all the way, and had they prevailed in that Dallas game, well, it's hard to play the what-if game but a week of rest and Dallas going on the road to SF could have changed things.

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    retirement home in Dallas (my son married a Texas gal. Woe is me)
    Best: the entire 2007 playoff run was sheer greatness, 1990 and 2012 NFC champ game vs 49ers, Undefeated in Jerryworld
    Worst: Seattle back in 2005 or 2006 (Jay Feely misses 3 game winners), both tragedies at the meadowlands, Superbowl against the Ravens, last 2 losses to the Eagles in the playoffs. Trey mother effing Junkin....

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    The best wins were the Superbowls obviously but the one that stands out the most besides the Superbowls was the win against the Jets in 2011. I went nuts on all the Jets Fans I knew after that game and it shut up fatboy REx to.

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    1) The Matt Dodge/Miracle at the Meadowlands 2. I am still trying to figure out how we gave up 28 points in the final 7 minutes 51 seconds left in the game.

    2) 2003 Divisional Game against the 49ers. TO went off on us in the 4qtr.
    Lets go, Giants!

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    best game: 2007 NFC Championship game
    worst: Desean ****ing Jackson Miracle at the Meadowlands 2

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    If you've ever had any doubt in our team..., ever wished they'd lose..., ever considered them to not be a champion team... Here's your answer. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=84aVCTf...eature=related
    2017 Mock Draft

    1st: Forrest Lamp, OG Western Kentucky
    2nd: Caleb Brantley, DT Florida
    3rd: Gerald Everett, TE South Alabama
    4th: Dont'a Foreman, RB Texas
    5th: Damontae Kazee, CB San Diego State
    6th: KD Cannon, WR Baylor
    7th: Jalen Reeves-Maybin, LB Tennessee

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