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i know. i was referring to older drafts (3 years +) so we have a better idea of what the players have become.
Two years ago we took JPP over Mike Iupati in the first round. While that worked out for us, at the time Iupati was considered an NFL ready offensive lineman (and a need for us) and JPP a project (due to his short span of playing football and small school background).

In the same draft we took Marvin Austin (DT) in the second round over Sean Lee (ILB). Austin had more measurables but Lee had a better pedigree and resume (and we needed a LB desperately that year ... we took Dillard in the 4th instead who was cut the following year).

With the rare exception of Beatty and Sintim (both second rounders in the same draft), Reese has treated the offensive line and linebackers as positions of lesser draft priority that he's thrown a lot of lower drafted players / FAs at to see what stuck. We've had one major FA signing to each under Reese (Boley and Baas). The strategy seems to be to see who works out from the rank and file and then bolster via FA (not agreeing or disagreeing with the strategy ... just illustrating my conclusions).

P.S. - These just came to mind recently ... I'd have to do some homework to find older instances but I'm sure they're there.