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Could have been very concerned about Glenns injury history with his back, and also could have thought there were later OL who had similar ability, while there were no later HBs with similar ability to Wilson
Definitely the latter was commented on.

I didn't follow Glenn's injury history (didn't remember there being anything of note at the time). I'd have shied away from an OL with back problems too though.

As for RB being a need ... Jacobs was released with the draft in mind and Bradshaw wasn't hurt the point where anyone thought his career was over. While Brown was a project I agree, the Giants were high on Ware and Scott (or said they were prior to the draft).

But generally speaking, you draft the skill positions higher so I can't fault him for the logic. But that also means that short of getting handed a major blue chipper in the first two rounds, Giants fans shouldn't expect to see us draft an OL high in the draft in the near future (imo).