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Cruz could get $10 million a season from somebody.

i'll be absolutely stunned if his contract is $6-$7 million a season. STUNNED.

the 8-10 is an uneducated guess, but its based on multiple contracts for elite WRs in the NFL.

hard to argue that Cruz isn't an elite WR.

i've been saying this for 2 years, we can't pay both WRs in the 8-10 range, and our QB $20 a season, so whatever Cruz gets will largely cast the die of what the giants plan on doing with Nicks.
I think Cruz may have knocked himself off the "elite" status with his crucial drops and teams better able to counter his getting AS open with a year of film and documented tendencies behind him. His home run TD YAC catches went down to from the previous year.

Sure all receivers drop balls - and im not saying its fair, but he had some big drops IMO that probably could make the difference of $2mil or so a year.

I want him to be a Giant for life, but I dont see it for more than a 7&7 for about 50 mil.