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I guess we'll agree to disagree. We heard similar arguements with Steve Smith. That he and Eli were on the same page. That can be taught. And I'm fairly certain that at 1st round pick can matches Cruz production and more. But he could very well be a bust also. So who knows. It's one big calculated risk and if Reese's draft history is any indicator, he'll probably find someone decent (not necessarily a start) in the first round, and with the 8-10 million "freed", we go get us another piece of the puzzle - LT, DE, what have you. I think the sum of those 2 things > Cruz.

Edit: Another reason why I'm more willing to let Cruz go is because we have Eli. We have the luxury of having a QB that can work with less talented receivers than say Arizona or Jacksonville.

Coulda shoulda woulda. No one knows for sure.
this is such a fair argument that it could very well end up being JR's reasoning. I agree. We all have seen one wr replace the other. Plex, to hixon for a bit, to smith, to nicks, to nicks n cruz, to cruz bc nicks was hurt...we won 2 games using barden and randle as the #1's...

is the risk of not being able to reproduce the results of cruz worth overpaying our set price on him? remember, thats the key thing here. not HOW the results are attained, but IF the SAME or BETTER results are attained. We dont need another guy/group of guys to do it exactly as cruz necessarily, they just have to be able to get the same end results.