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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcasman View Post
    Who has under rated him?
    Did you read the thread? Everyone is looking at the negatives of why he shouldn't be here anymore. Like the drops. Which is a pitiful argument sicne it's only a handufl of plays but it's apparently a huge issue. Yet none of these posters would claim Roddy White is a bad receiver depsite him being a consistent league leader in drops.

    Hakeem during 2010 and 2011 was among league leaders in drops too but everyone loves Hakeem so they don't care. Cruz comes in has a great season, steals the shine from Nicks and now everyone can't wait to get rid of him.

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingTruck View Post
    So the fact that he had a lot of KEY drops isn't important? Even though his JOB is to catch the ball?
    Jesus it's one year he had drops. Who's to say this wasn't a fluke? Cruz last year wasn't dropping the ball and all of a sudden he can't do his job anymore? Especially considering the flukeness of drops I don't know how anyone can come to the conclusion that this is a trend. Oh and please we all know the WR is supposed to catch, we aren't stupid.

    I love how 10 dropped balls is enough for fans to trash Cruz after what he has produced however it doesn't mean anyhting. Look the the list guess who's tied with Cruz with 10 drops. Calvin Johnson. Look at who's had 9 drops and you'll see the Likes of AJ Green, Dez Bryant, or Brandon Marshall. If you go to 8 drops you see Julio Jones, or Reggie White.

    So obviously they suck and they shouldn't get paid eventhough it's their JOB to not miss those KEY passes right? Or is it only a knock against Cruz?

    Just look at Mario Manningham, who had the 12th-best score in 2010 and the 18th-worst in 2011. It’s consistency that helps make some of the best receivers just that; some of the best.

    It's unpredictable and if you want like 10 drops a year take away from a great receiver then by all means. But honestly I think the reason Giants fans dislike Cruz is because it took away from everyone loving Hakeem. Which is ridiculous. Both are great yet people are so ready to get rid of one.

    Did you people to see how potent 2011 was with both receivers? Oh right, Nicks finished 2nd in yards and we can't have that can we?

    Quote Originally Posted by GiantLegend View Post

    The yards honesetly don't speak as loudly. Of course if you are a constant target and have some speed, like Cruz, you're going to get the yards. The drops are still not forgiveable.

    To me Nicks is a stud playmaker receiver, and yes Cruz is good and has made some great plays, but I don't place him with Nicks.
    Yeah complete hate right here sorry. Ignoring his positives and taking his only his negatives is a childish argument. Whatever though, I can't wait to see you guys all cry when Victor comes back.
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