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    No one is crucifying Cruz. Personally drops happen, but most of Cruz's drops happen cause he is anticipating the hit coming, looking up field for where the defenders are and not looking the ball in. Also he tends to fall to the floor if defenders are close in proximity too him. That's what I mean by playing small ROA. Coaches would say to receivers especially in high school, play bigger than the competition. Meaning fight for every yard, put your body on the line and leave everything on the field. Cruz does not do this like he used to when he was playing for a roster spot and i understand smaller frame
    speed receiver going up against big outside corners, safety's, or line backers, playing on a ****ty contract and doing well in it. He wants to preserve his. body, fair enough; but you want that top tier receiver pay then you have to be a player similar to the likes of welker in respect to size/speed/grit. He's not afraid to get hit over the middle and plays on a ****ty contract. When i make this comparison, don't think yards, drops, yac, think approach to the game and style of play.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion based upon whatever criteria they find to be important. On the flip side, others who may disagree, are entitled to express their disagreement. And then there are the totally outlandish posts that speak for themselves.

    For me, dropped passes don't tell the whole story. Sinorice Moss rarely dropped a pass. Jerry Reese once said "he catches everything thrown to him." But where is he now? What did he produce for this team?

    You have to look at a player's entire body of work.
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