1. Every since I've been a Giant fan I have never heard the media or fans talk about how good our secondary is. We have good safeties (when their healthy) but the CB line-up has got to get better. Cut #1 Corey Webster...this man has had his good days and bad days but he is nowhere near good enough to hold his own against our division with players like Dez Bryant, Pierre Garcon...I say cut him, cause no one in their right mind is gonna accept a trade for this guy. Once Terrell Thomas stays healthy and with Anukamara on the other side we should show some progress.

2. Everyone knows you need to build your team around your divisional rivals abilities. With RG3 now becoming a huge threat, we need more speed in our front 4 and a better linebacker core because he gets off the edge entirely too many times. A LB need is imperative. I actually think that should be our 1st pick in the draft. We havent had a threat in our linebacker core since Antonio Pierce.

3. Offensive line. Now Eli doesnt get sacked a lot but how long will that keep up? We need some fresh legs to protect our QB because our line isn't getting any younger.

4. Trade Ahmad Bradshaw for one of the needs listed above. David Wilson I believe has the potential to develop into another Tiki the only thing that worries me about him is his ball handling skills, Andre Brown showed us he also has the potential to be a reliable back. Ahmad foot issues arent going away and in my opinion he's lost a step or 2. He's not as good at finding holes like the other 2 backs and tends to run into walls for no gains.