We know Eli is a man of few words but can he say more than;We Just Have To Play Better. WE KNOW THAT. Maybe he can throw in a couple of specifics on why, how, where, when. How about a what stopped our production in the red zone, how did defenses stop our big play offensive what can he attribute his TD shut downs in 3 games. He doesn't have to give away the playbook.Yes we also know that in a loss the other team did play better or we made more mistakes than they did. Can you throw in a how it's going to get better
He did say he missed Nicks as his deep threat target. That's understandable but when Brady lost Moss, for some games, he consistently found others Now without Moss he's beating people with TEs. Also, brother Peyton will diagnose, in press conferences, the basics, (certainly not the specifics), of why certain things worked or didn't
Honestly, if I want to read some good insights as to why how where and when I check this message board and we're the amateurs. Anyone else notice this or am I just still venting. By the way, its been a couple of days now do you think TC has had his meetings and is going to let us know the reasons for our collapse.