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Thread: Is Strahan a 1st ballot HOF?

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    Without a doubt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kruunch View Post
    Guaranteed first ballot.

    Strahan was the second best strong side DE of all time imo (Reggie White being the first).
    agreed 100%


    2015 season tbd

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    For a team that is known for its pass rush to win them superbowls, Strahan was heads and shoulders the best pass rushing DE we had. We all thought Tuck would follow, but look at Tuck now. Strahan did it for 15 years with the GMEN and was still killing it in his final year. Tuck is at 8 and fading. We can only hope JPP has the same great career.

    1st ballot HOFer for sure.
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    Yes! Absolutely!

    Michael Strahan is one of the greatest DE's in NFL history.
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    /being different

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    He deserves to be..But late in his career it seemed he was usually at odds with the media. Could bite him seeing as how strong their vote is.

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    I say yes, best DE I've ever watched play. Not saying much I guess since I'm only 27..

    I don't know if he will get first ballot but he deserves it..

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    Strahan was more than just a pass rusher. The guy also dominated the running game. He was an all around great player and did it consistently for a loooooong career. If his career doesn't merit first ballot status, I'm not sure whose does.

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    He better be, easily one of the top three DEs of all time imo

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