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Thread: Mock 1.5.2 2013

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    Mock 1.5.2 2013

    1 Ezekiel Ansah (19)
    - Freak athlete......nuff said

    2 David Amerson CB (51)
    - he possess size and speed

    3 Nico Johnson ILB (83)
    - this guys seems like a decent MLB prospect

    4 Rick Wagner OT (115)
    - this analysis I read said this guy can do RT or LT, and he is just mean lookin

    5 Cory Grissom DT (147)
    - this guy sounds good once he gets past health concerns.....played at JPP school so...

    6 Cierre Wood RB (179)
    - had to go with this guy after I saw a write up.......and my Dad loves ND!!

    7 Drew Frey SS (211)
    - Tall saftey that has some promise........we could use him if KP walks, could fit nicely into the 3 scheme
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