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Thread: Report: Jets GM Candidates Told They Have To Keep Rex

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    Report: Jets GM Candidates Told They Have To Keep Rex


    Excerpt: "There will apparently be time to add more tattoos, if Rex Ryan chooses.

    During a discussion of the Jets general manager candidates, Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork points out an important caveat in the interview process.

    He writes, while discussing in-demand 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble, that the “word on the street is that the Jets are telling potential candidates they won’t be considered unless they agree to keep Rex Ryan for a year.”

    The fact that the owner said Ryan would remain the day he fired general manager Mike Tannenbaum was a pretty good early sign, but it also speaks to the direction of the franchise.
    The guys who have multiple interviews have the benefit of leverage. If two jobs are equal in many respects, the ability to create a cohesive organization by hiring someone who shares your philosophy could tip the scales." Read more...
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    If they were told to keep Sanchez, they might all look somewhere else for a longer term job.

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