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    Reese thinks Wilson can be "Lead Dog"

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    Well lets hope he learns to block or he will never be a lead back.
    From what I saw he didnt do very good at times but he has an entire off season to work on this.

    Very exciting player thou.

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    He's young, the blocking will come. He has natural ability to run and catch, plus he does backflips.

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    I know different types of offense and realize that all backs don't have to be good blockers inorder to start long as you have a te of fb who can.

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    We should go find BJ and let him spend a couple days with Wilson... now there's a guy who linebackers were afraid to blitz against (at least when BJ was in his prime)

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    This is the NFL in 2012. If you can't block you can't play RB. Reese is going to keep talking about this guy but the fact is that guys like Derek Wolfe and Bobby Wagner were still on the board at that time and he reached for a scat back that can't block.

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    I want to give him at least one more season before declaring off the mountaintop that he absolutely can't block. He was pretty much thrown into the fire after Brown got hurt. He put in a lot of extra work with Hynoski learning the blocking assignments, and even though he didn't really have much power in blocking thus far, from the falcons game onwards he never truly missed an assignment or have any big whiffs. Bradshaw has had more whif***e and missed assignments in the past few games than Wilson...

    tl;dr: there is definite upside here.

    I still think if we invest heavily in the O-line, he can be sent on more routes out of the backfield and on play action, where he would be more effective in the passing game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlueOnes View Post
    I wish our offensive coordinator shared that view.

    As for pass-blocking.....I'm not going to downplay it's importance, but some of the best running backs in the league are not very good pass blockers.... Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and LaDanian Tomlinson come to mind.

    Gilbride failed to utilize Wilson to the best of his abilities, just as Fewell failed to fit his scheme to the players....... both were major reasons why the Giants failed to make the playoffs.
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    How to describe David Wilson in one word: EPIC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sheepdip View Post
    Well lets hope he learns to block or he will never be a lead back.
    From what I saw he didnt do very good at times but he has an entire off season to work on this.

    Very exciting player thou.


    glad his training dummy was eli in non-contact practices or Carr, and not eli in real games.

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