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    are u kidding? Jake Ballard, Kevin Boss did just as good for teh most part.. Those are 5th rd draft picks outta W.Oregon who did nothing after leaving NY, and a UDF who did very little at Ohio St.. Like BParcells said, we can do better...
    He wasn't talking about the past TEs we've had. No disrespect but do you believe any undrafted or late round pick will pan out just because Boss and Ballard did? Thats a risky way to make personnel decisions. The question is who can we get to replace Bennett next year? Seem like the only legitimate choice is to draft a rookie. I'd rather re-sign Bennett but obviously only if the cost is right and use the draft pick else where. No one is listing possible choices, other than the 4th round rookie that you expect to play as well or better than Bennett in his rookie year.
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