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Why? It's unlikely to assume that Kelly will be able to run his Oregon offense in the NFL. He has ZERO experience in the NFL at any capacity. He has no idea how the pro-game works, no idea of how the front office works, how the draft works, personnel decisions, etc. Everything will be foreign to him. What is the obsession with college coaches all of a sudden? The best college-turned pro-coaches are the ones that run schemes that translate to the NFL. Greg Schiano, Jim Harbaugh, Pete Carroll -- all guys who ran pro schemes in college, and had a background in the NFL.
This is funny, some one on a football forum putting down a guy who is being hired for a job you know nothing about. I'm not a chip fan, I'm a Oregon State fan so I'm glad to see him go. Kelly is not a dumb guy he will place a team around him to help him in the areas he does not know. Be glad he is not in the East.