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    Jul 2012

    Look at our first roundf pick go!

    Mock Draft 2.0 (1/26/15)

    1. Brandon Scherff OG/RT Iowa
    2. Denzel Perryman ILB UM
    3. Durell Eskridge S Syracuse
    4. Jamison Crowder WR Duke
    5. David Johnson RB UNI
    6. Terry Williams DT ECU
    7. Ali Marpet G/T Hobart
    7. Donald Celiscar CB WMU

    Free Agency

    Resign: JPP, Rolle, Cullen Jenkins, Thurmond, Fells, John Jerry
    Cut: Kiwi, Beason
    Sign: Terrance Knighton, Sean Weatherspoon,

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    I think we definitely stole one with this kid, hopefully Wilson is right behind him

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    I like him. He can tackle, and he's not afraid to stick his nose into make a nice hit.

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    will be a top 3 cb

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    love me some Prince..

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    Not bad, Prince. I hope he can stay healthy.

    If we can land another top CB in the draft, we'll turn a glaring weakness into one of our most formidable units.

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    hes gonna be revis level shut down, man his speed always surprises me. he has great closing speed...rodgers challenged him 1 time lol. theres a lot to love and keep in mind, these arent even the best plays. the plays his coverage forces the qb to go elsewhere is when u see how well his coverage is.

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    u speak the truth giantsfan420

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    He was ranked 9th by PFF before the game against the Bengals. I personally jumped so high I hit the fan in my house we they drafted him! Love him, favorite player! Go Prince, will be a top 5 corner!

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    Revis level? Definitely not. I like Prince a lot, but Revis is unlike anyone I've ever seen before, at least before this knee injury. I personally think he is one of the best CBs EVER. He's putting up these numbers and locking down receivers in a time where you can't even breathe on a WR, and he doesn't benefit from being a superstar either due to the position he plays (WR >Star CB)

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