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Thread: FA Mock Draft

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    FA Mock Draft

    1 Bjoern Werner DE - If he drops grab him, JP needs new blood to compliment him
    2 Darius Slay CB - Like him to eventually replace Webster
    3 Chris Faulk OT - If a Brewer or Locklear doesn't pan out, go with this fella
    4 Gerald Hodges OLB - Analysts say he is run stuffer.......wonder if he could do MLB?
    5 Kwame Geathers DT - Big body to fill up the gaps, maybe get some pressure on the pocket
    6 Sanders Commings CB - I like the sound of this guy. Good speed and is great in press coverage.......IF Fewel were to use him correctly.
    7 Omoregie Uzzi OG - This guy's strength is run blocking.........would be a good project guy to maybe replace Boothe
    7 Mark Harrison WR - Depth guy/special teams

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    I'd be on board with this draft...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    me like Werner

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