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Thread: Anyone else really mad how we ended our season

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    Anyone else really mad how we ended our season

    I think it is really frustrating.

    Watching this game just makes me even more frustrated as these 2 teams arent very good.

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    They both have better records than us, if they aren't very good what are we? haha.

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    Nope, I'm happy how we ended it.
    ALL IN!!!!!!!!

    I'm ALL IN are you?

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    9-7 is not very good.

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    We got exactly what we deserved: Nada, Nothing, Zilch. Go Giants!

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    I'm over it now. With the way this team performed against the Falcons and Ravens, they didn't deserve jack squat.

    Dupree for 9th overall!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip Empty View Post
    9-7 is not very good.
    9-7 two years in a row, last year the division sucks so we got in. I Wonder where 9-7 will get us this year.

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    Just getting into the playoffs is not so much about how well you play against playoff caliber teams during the season. It's how well you manage your win-loss record and your division. Being able to win playoff games would then come down to how well your team plays against these playoff teams.

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    I'm ****ing pissed and that probably won't change til March.

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    Brother, i don't think any of us our happy. Just hearing about the NFL playoffs makes me want to just go find a cave and live there until September.

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