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May be in the minority here, but I've been incredibly impressed with Stralman the past few weeks. He may have had a couple lapses, but he's been incredibly consistent. And I can't say enough about Moore, Brassard, and Dorsett. I absolutely LOVE Gaborik, but these three have been huge pieces for this team.

I'm hoping Clowe and Staal can make it back for this series, we definitely need some physical players against a hard hitting Bruins team. If Rask can give up some rebounds like he did vs. Toronto I like our chances.
Stralman has played great. Brassard is playing like a star. Moore is playing well too and shows glimpses of being very good. I have to admit I wasn't big on Dorsett after games 1 and 2, but he's making an impact lately.I think they really need Clowe in Rd 2.