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    The Redskins are gonna run RG3 into the Ground

    Lucky he was able to walk off. Be horrific if they have another Theisman situation with him.
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    That was a classic acl tear. I don't like him but I hope for his sake its not that. Sure looked like it tho

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    I hope he's ok. Hate the Redskins, but I really like RG3 and I don't want to see him hurt.

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    That's the risk you take. Can get away with that stuff in College but not so much in the NFL. He could be one and done.

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    RG3 doesnt look like he'll hold up for long. Its his rookie year and he's looks battered/beaten already. That leg injury is extremely concerning for the Redskins and their fanbase...

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    How smart do the Skins look for taking Cousins now.

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    I think Griffin has the talent to be a very good QB in this league regardless of his ability to run the pistol.

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    Those scrambling run option quarterbacks are susceptible to this type of punishment. Eventually he'll lose his ability to run around like a nut and become a pocket passer. He'll be successful in that respect but it will take away some of the unpredictability. I like the kid and I hope it isn't an acl tear.

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    RGIII takes way too many hits.. might have a short career at this rate.

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    I was thinking in the same thing. I hope the guy didn't tear anything, but I do think if they continue to use the option heavily, they will definitely run the guy into the ground.
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