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    I hope the Giants brass were watching that Seattle defense

    Amazing what a defense can do with a solid linebacking corps.
    "I like linebackers. I collect 'em. You can't have too many good ones." - Bill Parcells

    "Name the starting linebackers from 2007." - Jerry Reese

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    Nobody fears this defense. I hope Reese gets some quality LBs for once

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    Linebacker is by far the biggest need that's why I hope we draft Ogletree in the first.

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    I was very impressed watching them today, especially in the second half. They completely shut down the Skins in the second half, kept the pressure on RGIII, and got their offense back on the field without giving up points. It would be nice if the Giants D could step it up next season.
    Adversity makes for a worthy adversary.

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    Yes, lets emulate a team that has never won a SB.

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    Their D is relentless, but RG3 was definitely not 100%.

    Either way, I wish our D could play like that.

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    1st in points allowed, physical corners, speed rushers, big interior lineman. Pete Carroll and staff built a solid unit on the defensive side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TroyArcher View Post
    Yes, lets emulate a team that has never won a SB.
    A team that's playing a lot better than us this season and actually has a shot at winning the super bowl this year. YES

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    Quote Originally Posted by TroyArcher View Post
    Yes, lets emulate a team that has never won a SB.
    Each season is mutually exclusive of each other. That is a dominant defense you watched play the skins.

    In Fewells defense, his defense only gave up 17 in the second game vs RGIII. But how they obliterated the Skins in the second half was beautiful.

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    im happier that rg3 has been exposed. i was murdered, esp on here by a couple posters, for claiming that the spread option O they run is to hide whatever flaws shannahan sees otherwise why not utilize more pro nfl offensive strategies? rg3 has shown zero ability to read nfl defenses on the level of true pocket passers. did he even throw for 100 yards? for like the 6th time this year? now its reported shannahan wasnt 100% sold on RG3 and was uncertain about aspects of his game...im happy as a pig in ****.
    Dont get me wrong, when rg3 can run, their offense is dangerous. but look at it when the run aspect was removed, rg3 looked incompetent back there. and now with how hes injured his knee this late, and reinjured it after dr andrews begged rg3 not to play (which was news to me, wow how does wash. not IR him after Dr. Andrews gives him their report) i doubt rg3 will ever look as dynamic as a runner. and with the offseason hes gonna have rehabbing, there goes another offseason to learn how to break down nfl defenses...thank god washington has the people in charge that they do. they put all their eggs into this season and its backfired.
    i know people are stll gonna feel my opinion is ludacris, thats ok. i have lil doubt im gonna be vindicated next year when rg3 looks like ****. by washington running a strictly spread option offense, they not only have taken away the abilty for rg3 to make mistakes and learn from them as a legit pocket passer, but now hes gonna have some tough habits to break...

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