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Thread: Is Ray Lewis Retiring Or Vying For Sainthood?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluenepa View Post
    he cant retire fast enough
    Out of all the Ravens they could have interviewed first after that field goal (Flacco, Tucker, Graham), they get ****ing Lewis!
    For a Giant fan that I personally knew: My mom. May she smile and be delighted whenever her favorite player - Victor Cruz - scores a touchdown and does his salsa dance.

    Thank you mom for everything! Let's Go Giants!

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    Gawd, can you imagine all the attention he'll be getting if they make the SB! Makes me almost wanna root for ..gulp..NE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBookOfEli View Post
    He never murdered anyone. Enough with that already.

    He is overly charismatic though, and i find it so annoying.

    Yeah you're right....he buys his shirts from the store already bloody!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigblue58 View Post
    Yeah you're right....he buys his shirts from the store already bloody!

    Read this article moron.

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