Because in my opinion either one of these 3 will be BPA and need at pick 19. With Osi gone and Tuck declining rapidly they do need another starting DE opposite to JPP and Ezekiel Ansah will be an excellent fit for this defense a freak of nature with massive athletic ability a kind of player Reese loves to draft. Chance Warmack is a punishing blocking offensive guard that is excellent in run blocking and underrated in pass protection would immediately upgrade this offensive line especially if the Giants keep Beatty and Boothe wouldn't mind this pick at all. And Alec Ogletree what can I say is a monster ILB that will help the Giants immediately in their LB core which has been very weak for the past 5 years or so now if they want to stop RG III and Alfred Morris's running attack or stop the running game in general then they need to fix the LB core in a hurry and Ogletree will be a great start.

Like I said can't go wrong with either pick but if I have to pick one if all is available then I will have to go with Alec Ogletree because I think linebackers is a big need and Ogletree can arguably be the BPA at pick 19. Kiwanuka is useless at LB cause he's too slow to play the position plus they will probably move him back to DE where he belongs which that will give Herzlich a shot next year to win the strongside LB position (which is where he naturally plays and I'm willing to give him another shot). Blackburn has shown some nice things but let's face it he stinks can't stop the run at all and he's not that great against the pass either and with Boley declining fast also we got to hope that Williams can stay on the field next year cause he's shown he's pretty quick and can pass coverage very well.

What do you guys think?