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U can find good players anywhere in the draft but the best chance to find a good player is by taking the best athletes and those are found in the 1st round. Tom Brady was a 6th Rounder do u ignore taking QB's until the 6th round now because he got picked there. Giants defense was bad because of the quality of the DE's .The so called depth that this team had at DE did absolutly nothing this season or did u not turn the TV on to watch the games.. Anyone that has watched the Giants the last 30 years knows this team has one with pass rushers I see no reason to change that philosophy now.
We may of WON with a solid pass rush, but u can't put the 86 and 90 teams in the same breath with the 07 and 11 teams, becuase they played a diffrent base defnese, and we won 86 and 90 built around our LB core, which might of been the best LB core ever with guys like Banks, Johnson, Carson, LT, and so on and so fourth..

We always have had complete teams for the most part in our winning seasons... Look at how important Corey Webster was in the 07 playoff run, and RW McQuarters for that matter. We need to put resources into the LB core and Secondary, or our pass rush isn't gonna mean squat.. 5sacks a game is great, but not if when ur not getting sacks, ur getting torched down the field..