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Im not talking about what Base thats irrelevant really. The Giants and most teams win with pressure on the QB it starts there. If U cant get to the QB your defense is in trouble. 86 and 90 teams were great teams still were built on QB pressure the main cogs of that team were built before Free Agency. Now U have to be smarter with your resources they arent unlimted
Ya, most teams win with pressure, but some of that pressure comes from coverege sacks, and ur LB's and DB's being in the right place at the right time, and Blitzes, where again, LB's, and sometimes Secondary players also play a key part...

And even better then a Sack, is a Forced Fumble or any kind a Turnover for that matter, which most teams that are good tend to createm, which obviously is a mix of all positons..

The bottom line is, u can't have a super stout Dline and nothing at LB and/or Secondary, or its just not gonna matter.. They'll find ways to get the ball out quicker and take advantage of ur weakness before u can blink..

So yes, i hope we get some pass rush help, but i also hope we draft smart and get the best players for our team, regardless of positon, becuase were weak in many areas..