(1) Sheldon Richardson DT - Don't know if he will be there at 19, but sounds like a great value to the team

(2) Desmund Trufant CB - We need to show Webby the door......BIG TIME!

(3) Brandon Jenkins DE - Here is your Osi replacement, the draft board has him at OLB, but he played DE in college.

(4) Rick Wagner OT - Love the sound of this guy...played RT and LT in college, and he looks mean in his pic

(5) Shamarko Thomas SS - guy has speed, and I read he flys all over the place to make plays, and if we lose KP we need a plan B

(6) Michael Mauti OLB - I know, Iknow a late round LBer.......he is from Penn.....isn't that what that school is known for?

(7) Dustin Hopkins K - Tynes has annoyed me too much.......yes he kicked us to 2 SBs, but it seems like when he needs to be clutch during the regular season he is just the opposite