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I was comparing Ansah vs JPP. Okafor is the quickest out the gates of the three. Though he is by far the smallest. 3" and maybe 10-20 pounds smaller. (30 pounds smaller than JPP)
I hate the wiggle room measurements seem to have before the Combine ... I have Ansah at 6'5 270 and Okafar at 6'5 265. I know both put on weight since their freshmen years (I believe both entered around 230ish).

I've seen Ansah listed as 6'6 on some sites and Okafor at 6'4 1/2 (shrug).

I have no problem with anyone saying Ansah edges Okafor from a sheer athletic standpoint (and most Giants fans will probably agree that we take the more athletically inclined generally speaking).

Okafor just seems more devastating to me (combination smarts, football talent and awareness).