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Thread: Sergio Kindle

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    Sergio Kindle

    Today redeye pointed out that Sergio Kindle was cut from the raven's PS to make room for Suggs. I think this is an interesting cut. I would not mind seeing the giants bring him in for training camp.

    What do you all think?

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    I'd like to see us bring in Kindle too..

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    Isn't he a 3-4 OLB?

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    You have got to be kidding. What have you seen in 3 years from this player that would lead you to believe that he is an NFL player?

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    Maybe he'd be a good backup QB? I heard he does reads quite well

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    that was a waste of a draft pick by the ravens..

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    He was a second round pick, so might be worth bringing into camp to see what he can do. He had a skull fracture in his rookie year, but I can't imagine that continuing to be a problem... I wouldn't pin a lot of hope on him though, he has had 3 years and done almost nothing
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    Such a talent in college, but nonsense off the field combined with that fall he took down the stairs. Hes just not shown anything at the NFL level.

    Sort of similar to the Marvin Austin situation.

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    Yeah after I posted this I did some more research and found that he has a lot of off the field issues. Honestly I would rather resign k rivers than take Sergio.

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    Clint Sintim played better then him....
    Spin that Webb young Davis

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