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Thread: Marvin Austin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud57 View Post
    and the season after that.
    When we will be extolling his prowess as a pile driver
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    Give the guy one more year. If he has an impressive camp and doesn't get hurt, then he's a maybe. If he's just another guy or gets hurt again, then I'll switch over to the bust camp.

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    One more year to prove himself wrong I'm thinking. Then....he's toast!

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    Right now I question his heart. He was picked up by a team that prided itself on Defense, and showed good faith after a year off in college. After the injury year, I would have hoped he came back in top shape ready to play. All we got was a new haircut. I am pulling for him as I do for all the Giant's players. I think the answer will come early on in training camp. In shape, on the ball and hungry for a starting position, is the key. Shows up balls-out or I lean toward bust.

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