Please let the Giants take warmack or jones in the first! Im Ok with Fluker as well though a little high for him. That was impressive against a very good dline of Notre Dame. Jones is a beast at center. He could play LG for a year and move over to center when Baas leaves. I know hard to take a gaurd/center that high. This run blocking has been terrible so a REALLY smart center to line up the oline is important. That was an impressive performance.

I never thought Id think this but how bout Lacy in the second and not resign Bradshaw. He is a perfect compliment to Wislon and frees up some money. This Giants offense needs to get younger! Lacy showed some solid moves for a bigger back but is a bruiser at the same time. Bradshaw is a warrior but health is a major issue. It is the main reason the Giant miss playoffs is due to players not healthy. Lacy/Wilson/Brown(cheap) would be a solid rb core and would allow some money to try to pick up free agents on defense. Lacy seems like a rb the Giants want in the backfield