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That Florida tape is fantastic in my opinion, and he shows up all over in that tape, and has a great highlight reel as well.. Dude, Eric Reid and Mingo made it a point during that game to be like "dang man, u killing it!" basically... lol I mean, u think other players think that way without clear evidence?

U combine his on field play and leading by example attitude, with his off field persona, u got one complete player worthy of a late 1st/ 2nd rd pick.. If he someone sneaks into the 3rd, its the steal of the draft in my opinion...
What other players' say on the sideline doesn't mean a thing to me. What the guy does off the field doesn't mean a thing to me (when judging on the field talent). What he does on the field ... that's what I look at. And I stay away from the highlight reel (the worst player in the world looks awesome if you're only looking at his highlights).

What I like about Minter:

1) He's in position.

2) He demonstrates good knowledge of the game and good awareness of the play.

3) He doesn't seem to particularly slow down (although I wouldn't call him a high motor guy either).

What I don't like about Minter:

1) He often has poor form tackling (lots of times he tackles like an undersized Safety, throwing shoulder shots and launching off his feet).

2) He's not fast. He doesn't cover side line to side line especially well (lacks range). He often gets beat around the edges on run plays.

3) He's not good in coverage. Part of it is his lack of range ... part of it is being awkward while back pedaling.

Overall impression: the best that I can sum up is consistent and solid. He's dependable to be where he's supposed to be, but a big question as to whether he's going to make the play. I'd call him a 3rd rounder ... I think guys like Mingo and Montgomery are making him look better than he is (sort of like Phillip Dillard and Suh the year we drafted Dillard).

He just doesn't excite me.