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Thread: tape on herz?

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    I hate to say it, but all the things being said in this thread are correct.

    He looked bad out there.

    I really wanted him to regain his college form and become a monster in the middle for us, but I just don't think that's going to happen.

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    He missed tackles, even when he got in good position he was couldn't make the play..

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCHOF View Post
    I'll save you the time - he was awful.
    LOL - Agree
    "Release the Kraken!"

    - Dan Dierdorf, Giants vs Dolphins, 10/30/2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by M00KIE View Post
    herzlich a real fish out of water

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    I had high hopes for him, than the season started. So much for the hopes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    I dont dislike the guy maybe he just needs another season.......
    I think that'd be too generous....IMO Blackburn is easily upgradable...Herz,great guy,great story, no room for him though...

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    He is not slow. He overpursues and he is weak. He is not a middle linebacker. He has enough athleticism but does not use it well against the run and is frequently out of position. Most of all though he is not strong. He needs to get much stronger or he won't make it. He is also a weakside linebacker really. Or a Sam in our scheme but definitely not a middle linebacker who can hit holes hard. I don't know what the person who said he was a step slow was watching. If anything he was way too aggressive. He is right about the arm tackling though. Just horrid tackling which is the most important thing in a linebacker.

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    herzlich should be gone next season,,it's just not there anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BROADWAYSTORM View Post
    I don't know what the person who said he was a step slow was watching. If anything he was way too aggressive..
    What games were you watching? Herzlich not slow? Rewatch the games.

    And if you look at his pro day results you will see he ran a 4.96 40 yard dash on 3/23/11 and a 4.91 at the combine.

    A few MLB's 40 times at their pro day.

    Sean Lee 4.60
    Demeco Ryans 4.66
    Patrick Willis 4.37

    Still think he's not slow?

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