Even though I expect JPP to rebound and be a beast again next year we will still lack the pass rush that won us two championships. It's unlikely that any Defensive lineman (specifically DE) will have an immediate impact early in the season next year but that doesn't mean we shouldnt draft one. If you ask me the biggest need for this team defense and the biggest need for the defense is another pass rushing DE. That's why I'm leaning toward taking the kid from BYU. Even though the kid is raw and unlikely to have a huge impact his rookie year, if he fulfills his potential he and JPP can be a force for several years to come. We have lost three major DEs in the last five years. Strahan retired, Osi is gone and Tuck seems to be spent. We have only added one in return (JPP)

I've said in a different post that I don't think we need to draft an OL in the first round and I stick by that. We need defense, we need corners, another pass rusher and linebackers. I'm sure some of these needs will be filled in FA.