I know this topic has been mentioned over and over and people say how the best college team has no chance at beating the worst NFL Team. And you have guys like Mike Golic said it wouldn't even be close. They mentioned how if Alabama faced Jacksonville on a neutral field it was something like Jags -24 as the spread the Jaguars would blow out the Tide.

I always hear stuff like of course the NFL Team will win because they have 53 NFL players as the best college team only has maybe 10-11 max and they would never get more than x amount in the 1st round. And also how most of the players on alabama won't even play in the nfl.

This is where I get confused. NFL teams draft the best college players starting in the 1st round etc. However, how many players get drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round and become decent nfl players. I could name quite a few. Then you have some nfl players who never got drafted and right now are pretty good such as Victor Cruz who played for UMass yet was never drafted. I mean, how did that happen. Then there are a few guys in the NFL who NEVER played college football.The biggest argument is that nfl players are must stronger and faster than the best college football players. I agree that is true but what about the bottom of the nfl players. People say how even the guys on the practice squad are all good. Yeah thats true but are you guys saying those players would be better than the top players from Alabama? You telling me you rather have a guy drafted in the 5th round from Samford as oppose to a player that is going to be drafted in the 1st round from alabama? The other thing is the great player from Samford probably didn't even play against any tough competition like how a player from Alabama plays against SEC competition. Also, does anyone here agree there are some players in the NFL that shouldn' even be in the NFL?

When people talk about how nfl players are much bigger than college players etc and faster. Ummm... they did an article and Alabama's offensive and defensive lines are BIGGER than the Jaguars and the chiefs. So what does that mean then? Also, people talk about how some college players who are very good won't be good at the nfl level because they are too short etc. I kind of laugh when people say he's too short at LB because he's only 6'1. Ummm... isn't Ray Lewis 6'1? Then you hear stuff like some good CB will have hard time to adjust in the nfl level because they are 5-9 to 5-10 and too short. Isn't Brandon Flowers from the chiefs 5'9 only and all pro CB? So isn't he going to have a tough time guarding a 6'2 WR from alabama then because he's 5 inches shorter? I hear so much about how they say certain college players are too short etc and they are not the prototype nfl player such as 6'4-6-5 for a QB, 6'2 for a WR, 6'5 for TE, 6'6 for an offensive linemen and 6'5 for defensive linemen, 6'0 for a CB etc... but in reality isn't it true about half of the starters in the NFL are that prototype?

Also, people say Alabama won't even cross the 50 yard line. Anyone here think this is just exaggeration? I mean, shutting out a team like Alabama would be very tough because you can't make any mistake and that includes special teams. I mean, you going to tell me if the Jaguars or Chiefs play an offensive powerhouse like Oregon, Oregon won't score more than 7 points?

When you look at the Jaguars. Are you telling me you rather have a guy that was a star in college that isn't that good like southern miss or arizona vs a player from Alabama?