Sometimes people look at stats and consider it, end all be all. Eli was playing behind a terrible oline which forced our crippled rb to pass block on every pass attempt. Our no1 recievers was injured practically the entire year but played anyway. He was easily blanketed which allowed teams to double, triple cover Cruz. No other QB had to throw into tighter windows every game while getting hit. I don't know if it was redeye or ya tittle who said earlier in the year that he was making throws maybe 2 other qb's make. At one point we were scoring 30 points a gams and Eli was leading the league in passing yards. It all went downhill after his 200 yard streak ended in the 49's game. He actually played good in this game, 49's at the time were the no ranked pass defense and Eli had thrown for 176 yards at the half. Since we had a big lead and were running well, we ran the ball the entire 2nd half instead of trying to pad stats in a blow out. We had big leads in the Dallas and pit games too, but our coaches start playing to kill the clock in the second half which then hurts the passing numbers. Then you have the 2nd Washington game, Eli was close to 200 yards in the 1st half with a td could have had more if the coached didn't forces running plays. We need to build our line and use our healthy recievers and improve our play calling. TD passes are overrated, when teams go in they try to pass first, with the exception of the 2nd ph and NO games, we try to punch it in like parcells's giants. Lets add up Eli manning's td passes and giants rushing td' that were inside the 20 and compare them to td scored by other teams. He'll be right up there even with all the problems that we had.