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I think that what folks are failing to see about this past season is that with all the issues we had with our OC, DC, players not panning out, injuries, dropped passes, etc......etc......., that we still could have made it to the playoffs if Eli Manning had stepped up and he didn't, not in 2012. ELIte QBs step up in those situations when the rest of their team is not performing and the ELIte QBs make his teammates play better. Eli Manning did this in 2011, the 2007 playoff run and at other times throughout his career. However, he has not been consistent with that. I was hoping that we would have the Eli of 2011 but we didn't this past season and that is the main reason that we didn't make the playoffs. Whatever our problems were, we were still very close and Eli Manning is our leader and we praise him when we win but we also need to take account of when we don't win because of him. Eli is how this team goes. He is how this team will go for at least the next 5-7 years.

If someone were to say that Eli is an ELIte post season QB then fine. If someone were to say that Eli is an ELIte SuperBowl QB then fine. If someone were to say that when Eli is on he is one of the best then fine. However, if we are going to call Eli an overall ELIte QB then we need that guy from 2011 back. This team needs that guy from 2011 back and I think it is possible.

As everyone knows, Eli is my favorite NY Giant and I know we will have a lot of exciting football from him for years to come and if the 2011 Eli doesn't come back and we keep the 2012 version then hey, I am fine with that too. It just means that we will constantly fight to make the playoffs but when we do, we know we can trust Eli to really step it up and that means a lot.

I have faith that ELIte Eli from 2011 will be coming back to lead this team in 2013.

I bELIeve.