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    Why is Eli Manning not considered Elite?

    He has 2 super bowl rings. The only other Qb's in the league with that are Tom Brady of course with 3 and Ben Roethesberger.

    Peyton manning is considered elite obviously because he is the best QB in the league but he only had 1 super bowl ring. Aaron rodgers and Brees both only have 1 super bowl ring.

    Is it because Eli looks like a dweeb or something?

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    because he's a 9-7 QB

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    Who flipping cares? These labels are so damn pointless. He's a better than a large majority of quarterbacks in the league, and is playing on The Giants, and has won 2 Superbowls.

    Does it really matter if some talking head on ESPN doesn't think he's "elite?"

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    Trent Dilfer has one SB. Does that make him as good as Aaron Rodgers?

    Eli is not considered elite because he isn't.

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    Sorry, not having this conversation. It's a dead horse that has been beaten, and beaten, and beaten again, with the same results. Do not start another thread like this.

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