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Thread: Giants' Offensive Strategy Must Be Revamped In 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by poppa smurph View Post
    Might just be the personell grouping they don't like ( Pascoe-Wilson ) in regards to pass protection.
    Eli's got a run/pass auduble every play so if you want to make most out of everything, Hynoski's the man..
    Reason I said those two people in particular was because the opposing team would be way more likely to think run play with them in. A play action would make more players bite, for longer...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    anyone who makes any excuses for KG has no idea what they are talking about

    KG is about as big a problem as DD was (I expect DD to get release this offseason)

    I just wish KG would get a pink slip as well. Sadly, its going to take another 2012 season for that to happen. Its going to suck watching him in 2013.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    stopped reading at how our offense scheme relies on "a strong armed qb making downfield throws to talented wrs" bc we all clearly know eli doesnt have a strong arm...
    Oh God, not this again?

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    The Great GWAT has many methodes. All of us know that we need is a powerful O-line and another extra blocker and receiver in a te or fb and we good to go. We have the other tools long is Victor doesn't want too much money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TextureDj View Post
    Did that guy just publish an article that said both, obviously paraphrasing:
    Kevin Gilbride won 2 superbowls and is unlikely to change much.
    The answer to the giants offensive woes is a two tight end set?

    This writer surely posts on this board right? Maybe even has a few sock puppet accounts because thats the crazy opinion and it is rampant around here but I sort of expect better from "journalists", Silly me I guess.
    Hah, I thought the same. So poorly written.

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    Give Adrien Robinson a go!

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    Delanie Walker is FA? I wouldnt mind seeing him in blue.. I have a feeling A-Rob will be our 2nd TE next season.
    Stop Booing Tiki Barber.

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    Did he really just try and say we didn't use play-action all year? Every offense utilizes play-action...

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