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Thread: RGIII out 6-8 months with complete ACL, LCL tears.

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    Dr. James Andrews Worried About RG III's Knee


    Excerpt: "Dr. James Andrews, the well known orthopedic surgeon is worried about the knee of Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III ever since he injured it on December 9th against the Ravens, Robert Klemko of USA Today reports.

    "I'm the one that shut him down that day, finally," Andrews said. "I've been a nervous wreck letting him come back as quick as he has. He's doing a lot better this week, but he's still recovering and I'm holding my breath because of it.

    "He passed all the tests and all the functional things we do, but it's been a trying moment for me, to be honest with you."

    There appears to be a difference of opinion on the way the Redskins handled the injury. Shanahan said he let Griffin return with the blessing of James Andrews, the renowned orthopedic surgeon, who was on the sideline.

    Andrews, however, said on Saturday that he never cleared Griffin to go back into the game, because he never even examined him.

    "He didn't even let us look at him," Andrews said. "He came off the field, walked through the sidelines, circled back through the players, and took off back to the field. It wasn't our opinion.

    "We didn't even get to touch him or talk to him. Scared the hell out of me." Read more...
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    Redskins want to win first and foremost. Dan Synder is probably only concerned about RG3 for the duration of his rookie-capped contract, not 7-10 years down the line.
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    twisted up his own damn knee, Danny Snyder ladies and gents, Danny Snyder

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    RG III

    RG III looks to have landed on his bad knee and is down on the turf
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    Hope he's okay. That looked awful.
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    That looked really bad.

    They should have taken him out of the game when he started limping.

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    Headcoach is a ******

    To use his qb like meat like that and go against doc orders....i dont even like the redskins but wtf hope he is okay

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    I bet he tore his acl, why wasn't he pulled when he had a setback earlier? The guys gonna jepordize his long-term career.

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    That looked nasty. His knee buckled in a way that it shouldn't. Wonder if the ACL or something else finally gave out.

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    Looks like an ACL to me. Mom's a physical therapist and said it looks like MCL definitely, possibly ACL too.

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